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Drug Treatment Centers In Indiana - Resources

Drug Treatment Centers In Indiana

Types of Drug Treatment Centers in Indiana

For those struggling with substance abuse in Indiana, various types of treatment centers offer hope and healing. At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we understand the importance of finding a treatment approach that resonates with the individual, as the path to recovery is uniquely personal.

Residential Drug Treatment Centers

Our facility falls under this category, where patients stay on-site throughout their treatment. This immersive environment provides a stable, controlled setting crucial for early recovery stages, focusing on intensive therapy and support.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Outpatient centers cater to those needing a less restrictive treatment model, allowing patients to maintain certain daily responsibilities while receiving care. These programs can vary in intensity and are often suitable for individuals with strong support systems.

Holistic Drug Treatment Centers

Emphasizing the treatment of the whole person, holistic centers incorporate therapies such as yoga, meditation, and equine therapy. These approaches complement traditional treatments, aiming to heal the mind, body, and spirit collectively.

Location of Drug Treatment Centers in Indiana

Indiana is home to a variety of treatment centers located throughout the state, ensuring that help is accessible to those in need.

  • Indianapolis: As the state capital, it hosts a diverse range of treatment facilities, including Indiana Inpatient Rehab.
  • Fort Wayne: This city offers several reputable addiction treatment options.
  • Evansville: Known for its supportive community, Evansville provides a selection of treatment centers catering to different needs.
  • South Bend: With its tranquil environments, South Bend is ideal for those seeking peace during recovery.
  • Carmel: Offers upscale treatment options, focusing on a holistic approach to recovery.

Services Offered at Drug Treatment Centers in Indiana

At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized care. Our range of services is designed to address the various facets of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Detoxification Programs

Our medical detox program ensures a safe transition away from substances, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and providing round-the-clock medical supervision.

Individual Counseling

One-on-one therapy sessions allow for a deep dive into personal issues and the development of coping strategies.

Group Therapy

Sharing experiences and support with others in similar situations fosters a sense of community and understanding.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

For some individuals, medications play a crucial role in reducing cravings and managing withdrawal symptoms, always under professional guidance.

Insurance Coverage for Drug Treatment Centers in Indiana

Understanding the financial aspect of treatment is vital. At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we strive to make our programs accessible to as many individuals as possible.


For those eligible, Medicaid can cover a portion or all of the costs associated with treatment.


Medicare provides coverage for individuals over 65 or those with certain disabilities, including some addiction treatment services.

Private Insurance

Most private insurance plans offer some level of coverage for addiction treatment. Our admissions counselors can assist with verifying your benefits.

Sliding Scale Fees

We offer sliding scale fees to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent anyone from accessing our services.

Choosing a Drug Treatment Center in Indiana

Selecting the right treatment center is a critical step towards recovery. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice.

Accreditation and Licensing

Look for facilities that are accredited by reputable organizations like The Joint Commission, ensuring high standards of care.

Treatment Approaches

Consider the types of therapy and support services offered. A comprehensive, evidence-based approach typically yields the best outcomes.

Success Rates

While success can be subjective, inquire about outcomes and how success is measured.

Cost and Payment Options

Understanding the cost and available payment options upfront can alleviate stress and allow you to focus on recovery.

At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in a serene and supportive environment. Our evidence-based treatments, combined with a holistic approach, offer a path to a healthier, substance-free life. If you or a loved one is seeking drug treatment in Indiana, we are here to help every step of the way.

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Medical Detox

Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal

Medical detox helps reduce symptoms and the risk for withdrawal-related complications. Our programs are designed to help patients feel more comfortable as they go through withdrawal.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

30, 60 and 90 Day Programs

Our patients benefit from evidence-based therapy options including cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement, family therapy, equine therapy, music therapy, and many more.

Our restorative environment helps patients understand that they are
fully accepted and will not be judged as they learn how to embrace life as sober, healthier individuals.

Insurance Accepted

We work with most insurances. Call us with any questions.

Accepted Drug Rehab Insurance