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Sober House Austin

Sober House Austin

At Harmony Haus, we believe that the rehab process is primarily a journey of self-discovery. Our sober house in Austin uses this principle to provide you with a professional, friendly setting to recover and grow, mentally and spiritually.

What is the difference between rehab and sober living?

The rehab program focuses on aiding the patient to overcome substance abuse and eliminate addiction, while sober living homes offer transitional support before patients can return to their families. Sober homes play a vital role in the recovery process because they fill a gap that the rehab never could – social reintegration.

No matter the approach, all rehab centers offer clinical recovery programs and therapies meant to stabilize the patient’s condition and eliminate the impact of the disease. The problem is that, without a well-defined follow-up strategy, the patient will relapse soon after returning home. It’s at this point that the need for joining a sober house becomes noticeable.

During the sober living program, you will get accustomed to taking care of yourself once more, as we promote personal responsibility as a core guiding rule. If you’re about to complete your rehab, contact us and let’s plan the follow-up strategy today!

Does sober living work?

All studies show that sober houses have become landmarks in the field of addiction recovery, over the past several years. Sober living works by providing you with more freedom, while exerting some control over your behavior, to ensure you stay on the correct path.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for using drugs or alcohol during your stay at our sober house in Austin since we recommend total commitment for the best results. So long as you remain confident and resolute about changing your life, our experts are ready to assist you. Our sober living program will teach you how to become responsible and embrace your substance-free lifestyle as the only path for long-term happiness.

Can I beat addiction on my own?

It is very unlikely, and we wouldn’t recommend you trying it. Self-treatments are dangerous because most patients lack the knowledge and the tools necessary to ensure the safety of the procedure. You will most likely relapse multiple times, which may have a devastating impact on your psyche.

We only recommend joining a professional rehab program, where experts will take your case and closely supervise the recovery program. For additional help and support, contact us, and we’ll give you a tour of our sober homes in Austin. If you qualify for the program, we’ll immediately sign you in the program, provided you’re ready.

How to remain drug-free?

The only way to stay clean is by changing your mindset. This is the key to a successful recovery and a fulfilling, drug-free lifestyle. So long as you find the inner strength to resist your urges, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.

At our sober house in Austin, we’re ready to provide you with all the support you need. Contact us, at Harmony Haus, and see if you qualify for the program!

Sober House Austin
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