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Skilled Nursing Facility Butte

Skilled Nursing Facility Butte

Copper Ridge Health and Rehab provides the best nursing and rehabilitation services for our community. Our skilled nursing facility in Butte has been serving since 1974. We have the best rehab and recovery facilities and the most supportive staff. We provide quality care and a homely environment for you to recover. You can contact our experts whenever you need them, and we will assist you in learning more about our facility.

What is the role of nurses in a nursing facility?

The nurses at the nursing facilities provide professional and skilled care for all the residents. They are responsible for tasks like:

  • Maintaining and monitoring medications
  • Administering injections
  • Taking blood for testing
  • Monitoring vitals
  • Helping the residents with daily activities

All skilled nursing facilities have trained and experienced nurses in dealing with unexpected situations. They can administer medical care whenever necessary. They will keep everything under control, so you have a safe and secure environment for recovery. You can always trust your Registered Nurse (RN) to provide professional medical care.

Skilled nursing facility services and amenities

Here are some of the services provided at our experienced nursing home:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Memory care
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive training
  • Secured dementia unit
  • Post-orthopedic care, and much more

We also provide a comfortable environment for our residents, which includes services such as:

  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Private rooms
  • Private dining area
  • Beautiful courtyards
  • Life-enriching activities, etc.

These are just some of the services that we provide at our skilled nursing facility in Butte. At our center, you will enjoy all the amenities you need to feel right at home.

The usefulness of a nursing home

You have a social environment where you can connect with your fellow residents and feel at ease during your stay with us. We help you with your daily activities and provide a structured environment where you can have a routine. We help you with eating, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, and on-time medication administration.

Our nursing home is efficient in providing the best medical care during your stay. This is why we have speech, physical, and occupational therapists working in-house and providing evaluations for you. They will help you with new customized goals to help you recover more quickly.

Importance of a skilled nursing facility

A qualified nursing home is important because it’s a safe environment for elderly care. We have physicians and nursing staff available 24/7 to provide the medical attention that you need. You can trust us with your care because our doctors and nursing staff are well-trained, professional people.

We consider it our duty to help you heal and recover in an environment that feels homely to you. At Copper Ridge Health and Rehab, you can get the best medical services and therapy sessions to aid you in your quick recovery. We understand that it’s difficult to comprehend the idea of living in a nursing home, but we are here to help you learn more about our skilled nursing facility in Butte.

Skilled Nursing Facility Butte
Copper Ridge Health and Rehab
Skilled Nursing Facility Butte
3251 Nettie Street
Butte MT 59701

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