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Orthopedic Telehealth Marble Falls

Orthopedic Telehealth Marble Falls

Philips Orthopedic is a preeminent healthcare provider offering the most excellent and straightforward orthopedic telehealth in Marble Falls. We're passionate about saving our patients time and money by allowing them to access some of our orthopedic services without leaving the comfort of their homes.

What exactly is orthopedic telehealth?

Orthopedic telehealth refers to a way of providing orthopedic services to a patient from a provider who's at a different location. This method includes a live video visit between the patient and the provider. The communication may include:

  • Interpretation of imaging
  • Conducting patient examination
  • Monitoring of patient progress
  • Proving prospective care

Orthopedic telehealth uses digital communication and information technologies such as smartphones, computers, and tablets to access the above and other orthopedic services. This communication platform it's like a technological house call meaning you don't have to pick yourself up and travel to the nearest orthopedic clinic — the doctor comes to you live.

Advantages of orthopedic telehealth

Are you thinking about using orthopedic telehealth technology to receive orthopedic services from your reliable provider? You're not alone since hundreds of thousands of patients are using this exceptional technology to meet their orthopedic specialists without leaving the comfort of their homes.

In today's world, there's a boom in the use of and excitement about orthopedic telehealth. This isn't only because of video visits but also because of the benefits both patients and doctors enjoy. Here're the most obvious advantages of orthopedic telehealth in Marble Falls:

  • Reduction of strain on orthopedic care system
  • Improvement of patient engagement with remote monitoring
  • Decreasing the healthcare cost
  • Improvement of orthopedic care quality
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improvement of clinical workflows and practice efficiency
  • Expanding access to care and reaching more patients
  • Reduction of rural barriers to care
  • Development of broad orthopedic telehealth technology options, etc.

The best and reliable orthopedic telehealth services near you

We pride ourselves on being the leading orthopedic care facility in Marble Falls, offering excellent telehealth solutions to our new and existing patients. This virtual technological service allows our clients to have a fast, secure, and easy way to access our orthopedic services from our surgeon and other specialists in a live virtual visit.

In light of novel coronavirus, we feel this is the perfect way to provide orthopedic care to our clients while playing our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19. With our telehealth orthopedic solutions, you'll:

  • Talk with Dr. Paul Philips III in real-time at the comfort of your home
  • Be able to show the doctor where the problem is or what hurts
  • Receive in-depth explanation about your diagnosis and right treatments

Choose the prime Marble Falls orthopedic telehealth services

 If you're looking for professional, reliable orthopedic specialists to serve you at the comfort and safety of your home, then our telehealth solutions will attend you better.

Choose Philips Orthopedics today to get the most excellent and satisfying orthopedic telehealth Marble Falls has to offer. Please contact us now to schedule your live visit, and we'll be pleased to serve you.

Orthopedic Telehealth Marble Falls
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