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Holistic Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills

Holistic Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills

Foy Wellness & Recovery is a leading rehab for holistic addiction treatment in Agoura Hills with world-class amenities, a dedicated staff team, and highly effective treatments and therapies. Here are some of the benefits of holistic addiction treatment:

  • It offers a whole-person approach

Holistic rehab programs like adventure therapy, equine therapy, art, and music therapy take a cohesive approach to addiction by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that patients struggle with daily. A holistic approach helps patients achieve lasting success with sobriety and equips them with improved mental wellness and emotional stability. More importantly, holistic treatments enable patients to look within themselves and introspect their motivations, desires, and goals in life and inspire them to choose and follow a healthy and sober lifestyle.

  • Offers stress-relief

The busy city life can often cause a great deal of stress, causing individuals to resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with the demands of their daily life. Holistic treatments at our psychiatric residential treatment centers in Agoura Hills, CA, allow individuals to connect with nature and helps them unwind and relax. We offer unsurpassed behavioral health holistic treatment near me in a safe, serene, and breathtaking environment, allowing our addiction victims to regain control over their minds, bodies, and souls.

  • Reduced risk for relapse 

Holistic therapies like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc., improve sleep and promotes healthy and balanced eating habits. Holistic treatments also help recovering addicts build structure and establish a healthy exercise regime, which they can follow even after rehab. Engaging regularly in holistic therapies can reduce feelings of loneliness and boredom in individuals and allow patients to lead a healthy, active, and sober life in the long run.

One study conducted in 2014 proved that individuals who participated in mindfulness and meditation alongside traditional treatments reported a safe and speedy recovery and lasting success with sobriety long after completing the rehab program. Our dual diagnosis treatment in Agoura Hills uses a combination of holistic and traditional therapies, empowering recovering addicts with critical coping mechanisms to remain sober, prevent social triggers, and embrace a healthy, stable, and positive lifestyle moving forward.

  • Spiritual connection

Holistic programs help recovering addicts build a connection with a higher power, which balances their internal feelings and builds mental resilience and focus. Spiritual affiliation goes a long way in helping recovering addicts maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle in the long haul, while holistic therapies strengthen an individual's spiritual belief system.

  • Improved self-esteem and better overall health

We offer the best Agoura Hills holistic mental health treatment, beneficial for individuals of all ages and with different interests. Our program promotes confidence and assertiveness and enables recovering addicts to learn critical non-verbal communication skills. These therapies counter negative emotions and foster positive emotional growth, improving mental and physical health.

Contact Foy Wellness & Recovery at 805-558-0839 to verify your insurance. We are among the few rehabs to offer holistic addiction treatment in Agoura Hills to help clients attain their recovery and wellness goals. 

Holistic Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills
FOY Wellness & Recovery
Holistic Addiction Treatment Agoura Hills
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Agoura Hills CA 91301

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