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drug treatment centers Miami

drug treatment centers Miami

There are many drug treatment centers, and one exists in almost every town. Addiction is seen as a medical condition that needs to be treated. Treatment can be in different locations and the amount of time depends on the patient and how they respond to the treatment they are receiving. It can involve several different things. Some need to go to a residential rehab for treatment and others can get by without inpatient care after detox. It all depends on how severe the addiction is and what drug you are using. Treatment for drug abuse is not easy; it takes hard work and total commitment. If you follow your treatment plan, you can recover from drug addiction.

Types of Treatments for Drug Abuse

Your doctor will decide the level and type of treatment you need. He will base his decision on the severity and length of addiction as well as what drug you are taking.

The first step at drug treatment centers is detox. Detox always needs to take place in a medically controlled environment. It involves slowly reducing the drug but in a safe and carefully monitored way. You will be monitored around the clock for inpatient detox. Depending on how this goes, your treatment plan may start you at any level after detox.

The next step for the most restrictive treatment is inpatient treatment. This includes staying at a hospital, residential facility or a drug treatment center. You will go to therapy, both individual and group. You will also meet with the counselor or doctor often. If needed you may receive medication-assisted treatment as well.

There is also a partial hospitalization program that involves a little lower level then the inpatient does. In this setting, you live near the facility or in a sober living home. You will receive fewer therapy sessions, and you can go on passes for visits.

The least restrictive is outpatient treatment. You may still get the therapy like you did as an inpatient. The difference is that you will live at home and visit the facility for therapy sessions. These therapy sessions are even fewer than in the partial hospitalization program.

In therapy, you will learn coping skills that will help you stay clean. You will also learn to recognize triggers and cravings and what causes them. There are many kinds of therapy, and you may see more than one type. Therapy almost always focuses on modifying the attitude and improving your life skills so you can stay clean when you leave the drug treatment centers.

There is also medication-assisted treatment and complements to treatment. Some of these are animal-assisted therapy, art, music and dance therapy. There is also holistic treatments and yoga and meditation. Some drug treatment centers rely heavily on journaling. Receiving treatment should not be embarrassing or intimidating. The job of the groups is to educate and support each other. Recovery is hard work, and it is up to the patient to work their way through each step so they can live a life free of drugs.

drug treatment centers Miami

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