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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Riverside

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Riverside

Alcohol and drug addiction are two different forms of addiction with the latter being more severe than the first one. Drug addiction can cause severe consequences for the addict, isolating him/her from society. Whereas dependency on alcohol is a much different thing, where the addict loses control over his/her drinking habits.

Different Sort Of Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Riverside drug and alcohol rehab centers offer separate treatment programs for these two forms of addiction. A rehab such as Solid Ground Wellness provides you with drug and alcohol treatment Riverside services. With our individualized way of dealing with addiction, we help addicts lead a part of recovery. Whether you want to live a drug-free life or want to get a grip on your drinking habits, we can help you in both situations.

Treating Drug Addiction:

Drug or substance abuse addiction is the most severe form of addiction. It is a chronic relapsing disorder where a person faces harmful consequences due to constant dependence upon drugs and harmful chemicals.

Substance abuse services in Riverside, California like Solid Ground Wellness rehabs have well-designed programs to help addicts stay healthy for an extended time period. To ensure a productive outcome, rehabs like us, use the following methods for treating addiction.

  • Customized Treatment Programs: Every drug addict has a different addiction and varying side effects when it comes to quitting. So, substance abuse services in Riverside, California go for a tailored treatment program, keeping in mind the demands of each individual.
  • Outpatient Treatment Program: If a person is suffering from a mild drug addiction problem, an outpatient treatment program can easily treat this addiction with a few rounds of check-ups within a week followed by proper medication. The program includes individual and group sessions to motivate the person to lead a healthy life.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program: This program enables the patient to cope with the detoxification process and helps them to heal their mind and body. The program is less intense than inpatient care but requires more therapy sessions throughout the week.

Treating Alcohol Addiction:

Drug rehabs often provide alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside. Although they are two different sorts of addiction, there are certain treatments that are productive in both cases. To control alcoholism, you need strong willpower and a determination to avoid relapse. But certain treatments that differ for alcohol addiction treatment include the following:

  • Counseling: Proper counseling through support groups connect the addict with other people undergoing the same problem. And so, they can provide you with the right level of encouragement.
  • Learn coping skills: Learning to control yourself to pick another glass of alcohol right after the other is crucial to help you live a healthier life. Certain programs and treatment techniques allow an addict to develop self-control.
  • Medications: Doctors and psychiatrists prescribed medicine to further help people fight alcoholism and remain sober for a longer span of time.

If you need addiction treatment in Riverside, CA that can treat both alcoholism and drug addiction, we have programs to heal both forms of addiction. Along with being the best Riverside drug rehab, we also have alcohol treatment programs.

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