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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Anaheim

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Anaheim

Star Recovery Centers is an upscale facility for alcohol addiction treatment in Anaheim with evidence-based therapies and a compassionate staff team. Ranked among the top rehabs in the country, we help individuals battling alcohol addiction embrace sobriety in a safe, serene, and supportive treatment facility.

Do I need medical detox to recover from alcohol addiction?

As a rule of thumb, individuals suffering from a severe addiction must undergo medical detox treatment to attain a safe and comprehensive recovery from addiction. Medical detox can reduce the pain and discomfort during the withdrawal phase, minimize the intensity of some of the psychological symptoms, and flush out the toxins from your system.

The procedure also improves your chances for a successful recovery with very little room for relapse. More importantly, it helps restore the chemical imbalances in your brain to their pre-addiction state and helps patients overcome the withdrawal phase in a calm and composed manner. To determine if you need medical detox, speak to an alcohol addiction treatment specialist for guidance and more clarity.

Signs that warn the need for alcohol addiction treatment

If you find yourself experiencing the short-term side effects of alcoholism, such as troubled breathing, impaired judgment, headaches, blackouts, nausea, etc., you need rehab treatment. The same goes for encountering symptoms, such as depression, anxiety disorders, hand tremors, sexual problems, etc., due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Non-medical signs that call for addiction treatment include injuries such as burns, drowning, car crashes, falls, sexual assault, domestic violence, legal issues, financial troubles, etc. Besides, if you have a strong desire to quit but find it impossible due to cravings and triggers, seeking rehab treatment can help you attain your recovery goals.

How to choose an inpatient rehab facility?

Choosing an inpatient rehab can be an intimidating process, especially with so many available treatment options. Here are several aspects to help you make an informed decision:

  • 1-on-1 therapies – Make sure to join a rehab that doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter treatment approach as you need customized treatments and therapies to overcome your unique addiction condition.
  • Focus on underlying mental health issues – Rehabs that focus on identifying and treating the underlying mental health issues often have the highest success rates as they help patients attain comprehensive recovery and yield the best patient outcomes in the long term. 
  • Evidence-based therapies – Check out the psychotherapies and behavioral modalities that a rehab facility uses to address and treat addiction. At our rehab, we use psychotherapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, etc., to help patients regain control over their minds and bodies. By joining a rehab that offers evidence-based therapies, you can learn critical skills and coping mechanisms for a healthy, sober, and successful life after treatment.

Your road towards sobriety doesn’t have to be a bumpy one; join Star Recovery Centers for a pain-free and comprehensive healing from addiction. As a leading rehab for alcohol addiction treatment in Anaheim, we offer individualized care and personal attention to each patient in their journeys towards recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Anaheim

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