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Addiction Counseling Lancaster

Addiction Counseling Lancaster

Addiction to alcohol or drugs impacts all aspects of an individual's life. The changes in the brain resulting from uncontrolled and chronic substance use need to be countered with the best addiction counseling in Lancaster and treatment plans.

At New Day Rehab Center, we address all the issues that lead to substance abuse. Our focus is on developing treatment modalities that help our guests achieve lasting recovery. If you’re struggling with addiction, we are here to assist you in regaining control of your life.

5 Benefits of Our Addiction Counseling Services in Lancaster

Below are some of the ways our Lancaster addiction counseling will benefit your recovery process:

  1. Helps with Attachment Disorders

The first five years of a kid's life form the basis of their lifelong security and trust in relationships. If there are attachment deficits like unstable living environments and absent parents, a child develops coping mechanisms to have a sense of security. Once they become adults, alcohol or drugs may offer a feeling of dependable attachment they long for. Our Lancaster County addiction therapist can help you to understand your childhood insecurities that led to your attachment to alcohol or drugs and how to overcome them.

  1. Identifies Situations Contributing to Your Substance Abuse

Are you looking for ‘addiction counseling near me?’ One of the benefits of addiction counseling is finding the moments, incidents, and events that exacerbate your substance use. On your own, it may not be possible to discover what circumstances contributed to your addiction. Our counselor will help you uncover the core issues that make you feel empty, disconnected, and vulnerable to abusing drugs and alcohol. This will make it possible to provide you with the tools you need to address such issues and avoid using.

  1. Provides Peer Support for Addiction

Receiving counseling in a group setting allows you to connect with others going through similar experiences. In group therapy, people get to support one another in recovery. You also have the opportunity to build healthy, lasting relationships that are essential to your long-term sobriety.

  1. Offers Support for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Issues

If you have a co-occurring disorder, counseling can address both your substance use and mental health disorder. Strategies to enable you to quit drug or alcohol use go hand in hand with any mental health issue you might have. Working on both disorders simultaneously will increase your chances of achieving and maintaining long-term recovery.

  1. Continued Treatment

Drug or alcohol counseling can take place anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether you're receiving outpatient treatment in Lancaster or enrolled in an inpatient program. Many people still continue with our addition counseling even after completing rehab. This aids in keeping them grounded and accountable while providing the support they need to remain committed to their sobriety.

Start Your Journey to Complete Recovery

At New Day Rehab Center, our top-of-the-line addiction evaluations and treatment in Lancaster ensure our guests get the care they need. Our dedicated multi-specialty team is experienced in addiction counseling in Lancaster and delivering world-class treatment protocols that are evidence-based and highly effective in treating all stages of addiction. Contact New Day Rehab Center for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town: (877) 734-2244.

Addiction Counseling Lancaster

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